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by David Lee

As a photographer, it is difficult finding a service that presents my portfolio in an attractive manner with easy updates. Solomodels.com offers an extremely affordable interface that is easy to update as well as beautiful. If you were to pay a graphic designer, you would probably spend at least a couple grand to get something of this caliber. This initial graphic designer fee would not even include updates. At Solomodels, there are plans that start at $4.95 a month!


There are hundreds of modeling and photographer sites such as onemodelplace and musecube, however, these are not even comparable to solomodels. First, Solomodels is for professionals and professionals only. Do not expect to see tasteless offensive nudity or amateurish pictures. Solomodels is fully moderated and every published photo is approved by solomodels staff members. Solomodels is more than just a portfolio presentation service--it is a fully functionable program with hundreds of services.


Though initially it is difficult to understand the interface, after a little exploration you will be using Solomodels with ease.


Here are some highlights of solomodels services:

-Portfolio presentation: you have the option of an html portfolio or a flash based portfolio. Expect a clean presentation and easy batch uploading process. You also have the option of linking your portfolio to your own domain name. Enter your profile and let your clients know a little about you. You can view my solo models portfolio at http://www.davidclee.us.

-Marketing tools: Solomodels allows you to have private galleries of which you can choose to send to clients. Lets say you are are trying to get a job from a swimsuit client. Simply select all your swimsuit images from your portfolio, type in the client's email address and voila, those images are immediately sent to the client in an attractive manner.

-Client Relationship Manager: This is a fully functional business tool, complete with a contact manager, schedule and invoice generator. You can also integrate this feature with your web-enabled phone, Palm Pilot or PDA. Now that is technology at its best! I was impressed with the invoice system; it sends clean invoices complete with a paypal option.

-Adobe PDF Files: Clients can download Adobe PDF files to print your promos. This is fully automated with the photos that you upload.

-Videos: you can upload 20 megabytes of video. This is great if you have a promo clip of yourself shooting or modeling.

-Private Galleries: Upload private galleries that are only viewable with a secret code. By producing access links, only certain clients will be able to view these galleries.

-Stock photography: Add your copyrighted images to the solomodels stock library. Solomodels sells these images and lets you keep 100% of the sales! Wow, what a deal.

-Networking: Expand your network with other solomodels members. Membership allows you to contact anybody with a solomodels membership. Expect to see portfolios of established working professionals such as Jerry Avenim and many others.

These are only a few of the services solomodels has to offer. This service is only for true professionals who are seeking a visually pleasing way of presenting their portfolios. Solomodels also offers a full-money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose. After using this service for a few months, this is definitely a must have for any model or photographer.

You can view my solomodels website at http://www.davidclee.us

For more information, visit http://www.solomodels.com


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